Japanese calligraphy, known as shodô, is considered by many to be the ultimate Asian
art. Very difficult to do well, and very beautiful, shodô is a journey into beauty, focus,
patience, a deeper understanding of one's self, frustration, and art, that gives an incredibly
accurate picture into the mind and personality of the calligrapher while also incorporating
many philosophical aspects directly applicable to the martial arts. It has been called the
seventh Budô.

The shodô taught at the Nikkô Dôjô is not a specific ryû or style. Instead, it is a well-
organized methodology of learning to write and read kanji as well as learning some of the
inner teachings and factors which will help a student penetrate their art(s) much more in-
depth as well as further develop and refine their inner self. This art is geared toward the
martial arts and the relationship between them and shodô.

Class will meet formally once per month and will involve teaching how to make various
strokes, how to write new kanji, answering questions for students, and covering notes on
various topics.